The Naming of The Grandmother (And Other Baby Shower Fun)

Hayley and Tyler
Hayley and Tyler
Lemonade bar with citrus vodka and frozen fruit cubes

Even though I have known for months now that I will be a grandmother in June, it is still hard to fully take this in – I suppose it shouldn’t be – my daughter is married (to a wonderful guy) and at that age when many start a family…..but I don’t feel like a grandmother – that’s for OLD women! Well, when I see Hayley’s slim body change and place my hand on the life inside her, it is beyond joy and beyond caring if I am old. The fun begins! This was the first baby shower, hosted by my sister and niece Dana at their home. It was a country theme, complete with a lemonade bar served in Bell jars with vintage straws.

One fun game was looking at a display of baby pictures and guessing who was who; another was ‘Name That Tune’ of several songs that included the word ‘baby’ – lots of shouting and fun!

At one point as we were all sitting around chatting, Hayley’s friends asked me what was I going to be called – yup, the big question! Ginger was ‘Meema’ (named by Hayley) – that can’t be me. The Armenian word for grandmother is ‘menz-midig’ – translates “big mother” – no thank you. The Greek word is ‘ya-ya’, but I’m not Greek, Peter is…Hayley suggested ‘grammy’, but I said no, sounds too old, just call me grandma. Well – all her friends thought ‘grammy’ sounded more fun and more youthful than grandma….then my niece said, “Hey, like a Grammy Award!” Ok – fine – GRAMMY it is. We’ll see what my little grandson comes up with on his own…..

Celebrating baby!
Celebrating baby!
Hayley wore sea foam green slim cords with a cream lacy top, both from Destination Maternity. Notice the young woman way to the left of Hayley – we all liked how she mixed the striped top with a floral handkerchief skirt. And what did ‘Grammy’ wear?
'Grammy' in Velvet cotton dress, Brave belt, Kork-Ease shoes
‘Grammy’ in Velvet cotton dress, Brave belt, Kork-Ease shoes
Grammy needs a cardigan, right?  Cotton camel sweater by calypso
Grammy needs a cardigan, right? Cotton camel sweater by Calypso
Are you a grandmother yet? What are you called and how was it decided? Would love to hear!

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