Egg Fight!

Bunny salt and pepper shakers waiting for guests......
Bunny salt and pepper shakers waiting for guests……

Childhood Easter memories……

– Brand new outfit, head to toe! Even a spring coat…
– Dinner table set with china, silver, pink tulips
– Panoramic sugar eggs
– Easter baskets wrapped in yellow or purple cellophane
– Chinese jump rope, jacks, silly putty, yo-yos!
– Potato salad with Hellman’s mayo
– String cheese and choreg (Armenian sweet bread)
– Pastel coated malted milk balls
– Church with dad (Ginger at home cooking)
– Family love and family craziness
– Armenian Easter eggs

I am not a religious person, but I do love Easter – to me it is about traditions, family, spring, and longer days of sunshine ahead……One of these traditions is coloring eggs ‘Armenian style’, which you may like because they are not only attractive but it is so easy to do and time efficient. As young children, my sister and I often pressured my mother to use the PAAS kit (bought at the supermarket) to color eggs in different pastel colors – for me now, I choose the easy way and this I share with you…..

Brown raw eggs, yellow onion skins

Gather about 2 cups of onion skins from REGULAR YELLOW ONIONS – at the supermarket, you can scoop out the crunchy skin scraps in the bin of onions…yes, people will give you weird looks…..put them in a pot and add a dozen regular BROWN eggs (not white), cover all with water, boil gently for about 20-30 minutes. That’s it! You will have brick red eggs that Ginger thought tasted better than regular boiled eggs – I think they taste the same.

Voila!!!  Armenian eggs!
Voila!!! Armenian eggs!
So you might be wondering about the “egg fight”….no, we don’t throw eggs, and this too is an Armenian tradition….usually after dinner as we are all still sitting around the table, each person chooses an egg. One by one, you turn to the person next to you and tap one end of your egg to one of theirs. You lose if your egg cracks – the person with the strongest egg and no crack is the winner!

Happy Easter and happy spring everyone!

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