Effortless Chic

DKNY dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes
DKNY dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes

What initially attracted me to this plain and simple DKNY dress?? The model informally modeling it in Bloomingdales! The way it was loose fitting yet draped her body, the asymmetrical hem, the three quarter sleeves, the fabric that would be great for traveling – effortless chic!021 While it has a sophisticated minimalist look on its own, I cannot resist adding a Burberry scarf – and certainly many different scarfs would look great…For shoes, go as wild as you dare! An edgy heel, a boot in a contrasting color, or simple booties – just stay away from flats which will turn sophisticated to schlumpy.035 In addition to the asymmetrical hem, there is one asymmetrical pocket…by the way, if you are petite you may not like how you look when you try on a dress with an asymmetrical hem – taking a few inches off the bottom made a huge difference in the look!  This was easily shortened (Jacques Tailor/Belmont) to be in better proportion to my height; you could even go a little shorter than I did. 013 In keeping with the ‘effortless’ theme, I chose a black cashmere cape for my outerwear, perfect for a mild fall day. When you are in a hurry to get dressed for work, nothing beats an outfit like this – regardless of whether you add accessories or choose simplicity, you look great in a matter of minutes!

By the way, it was the Bloomies model that drew my attention to this dress – when I tried it on another customer saw it on me and she then tried it on and bought it! :-)

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