Hip Hop Gal

007Some weekend days you feel like staying in your bathrobe, your sweats, or your yoga pants. Well, you can’t go out in public in your bathrobe, I don’t own sweats, and yoga pants stay at the gym. Next best option is something soft and cuddly with flat shoes. With style. And accessories.013 When I put on this super soft hoodie by NSF with my Miss Me jeans, I decided to add an unexpected accessory by wearing silver chain necklaces…just to be sure I don’t give off a ‘sports apparel’ vibe, haha…012It was confirmed that my look was not to be confused with playing a sport when hubby saw me and said I looked ‘hip hop’!  Hmmmm, was that a compliment or does he think I am off my rocker? Either way, this look was fun for a change…;-)

Now – did you notice the sneakers? Or would you call them shoes? They are CHANEL, baby!  Recently found them at Revolve in Belmont Center.  Did you not hear me squealing with joy???  There are many more Chanel treasures still in the shop – jewelry, clothing, unique and classic handbags – enough to make many ladies squeal with joy!chanel-shoes These will be perfect with black leggings, cropped pants, shorts, even some skirts. I may never wear another sneaker again. 🙂

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