Embracing The Mini-Skirt At Any Age

Throughout my life I learned a lot about style from Ginger, but one thing she did not approve of was dressing too sexy after a certain age. One day, in my mid-forties, when I visited her wearing a skirt about two inches above my knee, she said, “You’re pushing 50 years old – dress your goddamn age!” Hmmm. Sorry, mom. No. Times have changed and women need not dress ‘age appropriate’. If she were still alive she would probably be mortified.

No need to follow any silly rules about no more mini skirts after 40…or 50…or 60…or even 70! Wear what you like, wear what makes you feel good. Maybe you don’t feel good in a short skirt, or you prefer to wear one only with tights. That’s up to you. The point is, don’t let your AGE be the deciding factor.

What I believe does matter is dressing appropriate for the occasion –knowing that this would not be a skirt to wear to work. This was a Saturday afternoon, I was heading out to run errands and go shopping…on a mild September day it was warm enough to wear shorts but I felt like wearing something different…why not wear this navy wool skirt by Rebecca Taylor!

On top, this very fine merino wool turtleneck by Elie Tahari was perfect – the turtleneck balances the short skirt, the mono-chromatic color scheme elongates my petite bod. 🙂 Now – what to wear for a jacket?

Many jacket options would look nice – a dark blue denim jacket or a tan leather…instead I went for this Rag and Bone ‘boyfriend’ cardigan…it is intentionally oversized – additional balance to the mini, along with classic white sneakers. Perfectly respectable I’d say!

What do you think ladies? Are you ok with a woman ‘of a certain age’ wearing a mini? Or do you side with Ginger??? :-0

Can’t wait to hear!

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  • I think if you feel comfortable and are dressed for the occasion, wear what makes you feel good. You look terrific, by the way.


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