Six Sneaker Styling Tips

Fanny packs are out – fanny packs are in! ‘Mom’ jeans are out – ‘mom’ jeans are in! Sneakers are out – you guessed it – sneakers are in! For those of us that have lived in at least five decades, these style changes can be crazy confusing to us, but it’s always good to keep an open mind. While fanny packs are still a ‘no thank you’ for me, I do love high waisted jeans and find sneakers to be a fun alternative with certain outfits.

There are many, many sneaker styles from a myriad of manufactures, priced from reasonable to ridiculous. Just take a look on Instagram or walk the streets of NYC and you will see sneakers worn with everything – including a business suit. How’s a gal to know the best ways to wear this trend?

Follow my six sneaker styling tips!

1 – You can’t go wrong with a classic white sneaker. My favorites, seen above, are JSlides. They have a bit of a platform which makes them very comfortable as well as more flattering. Any similar brand will work!

Instagram pic

2 – Avoid the super chunky molded sneaks. They may be super trendy, but there is really nothing flattering about them; all I see is big feet.

3 – Don’t even think of wearing your gym shoes or running shoes with street wear. Period.

4 – Do wear sneakers to ‘dress down’ a dress or any sexy outfit. This dress would obviously look great with gold or nude high heels, but if you’re headed to a casual spot wear sneakers and it changes the whole look! It looks current, and it adds versatility to the dress.

Ron White black and gold leather sneakers; Sole Amour

5 – Save all sneakers for casual situations, even if you’re wearing a dress. When you need to project a serious and/or professional image, sneakers are usually not an option. Think of fashion sneakers as a way to wear your ‘nicer’ clothes more often, more casually – not as a way to be more comfortable at a wedding or at work. Seen above, a comfy knit dress worn out and about on the weekend with two-toned sneakers.

I snapped this pic of the TV weatherman when I was recently in a hotel room in NYC…my vote is NO!

6 – Do upgrade your jeans and teeshirts. If you want to wear sneakers as super casual street wear, you will need to put in extra effort to your casual clothes. Be sure your jeans are a current style, not just your ‘comfy’ pants. Avoid your ‘Life Is Good’ teeshirts, North Face fleece, and other sports gear. Satin joggers? Yes. Thick sweatpants? No.

Instagram pic

While I am not a fan of Chuck Taylors, this is a cute look if you like that brand. My preference is for a dressier sneaker, not associated with a sport. 😉

Instagram pic

Such as these Gucci sneakers! LOVE them, definitely on my wish list!

Questions for YOU:

  • Have you had any fun with the fashion sneaker trend?
  • Have you worn sneakers with a dress?
  • What’s your favorite sneaker brand?

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  • I have come to embrace sneakers lately. I teach 5 year- old English language learners. I find myself sitting on the floor quite often, so my work outfits by necessity, are somewhat casual. My favorite sneaker brand is Superga. I have a variety, from navy suede to leopard velvet. But I’m lusting after those Gucci ones as well.


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