Hot Under The Collar

Today’s post demonstrates how one simple accessory can transform a whole outfit – without any sparkle, and without breaking the bank. In above pic I am wearing an old Nicole Miller dress that becomes new – and a bit naughty – with a collar and cuffs from Anne Fontaine. But this is not just an accessory for evening wear – you can wear them casually or even in a business casual setting as the following pics show…

Paired with a simple black rayon tee, you suddenly create a chic top that could have cost hundreds of dollars (Ginger had a similar looking Wolford top). I am generally partial to black and white, but you can wear these with any color – even with floral or animal prints!

You might find the bare arms with cuffs off-putting, but I think that unexpected detail makes it more fun – certainly you could skip the cuffs and just wear the collar…

Keeping with a classic French look, I chose a black pleated skirt (Rag and Bone) with gray and black Chanel booties (Revolve). Now what about a jacket or wrap?

Perfect! This nylon quilted jacket (ETCETERA brand) is cropped and fitted, and has edgy snap and zipper details which is a nice balance to the ‘schoolgirl’ sweetness.

ETCETERA is a mere fraction of the cost of a well known designer quilted jacket (starts with a B!) and I actually prefer it because it is not a boxy fit, which can be unflattering and/or matronly. ;-)

And finally, you may have noticed a subtle change in my makeup? This probably deserves a post of its own (makeup tips after 60) but I am experimenting with a softer look…one recent evening when I was away on business, I came back to my hotel room after dinner with colleagues, and was surprised when I looked in the mirror – Oh no! I look like a drag queen!!! Hahahahaha! Must have been tired (or bad lighting) when I touched up my face… anyway, do you like it softer?

The Bottom Line:

  • Instead of buying a new dress/outfit, consider instead a unique accessory to give something you already own a whole new look.
  • Be open to exploring different brands; sometimes a lesser known brand can be just as nice or even better!
  • When in doubt, wear black and white.
  • We can get in a rut with our makeup. Maybe you need more, maybe you need less. Change is always good.

Have a great weekend ladies!

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