Fancy Pants

Theory jacket, TJMaxx; Theory pants, Bloomingdales; Burberry silk blend scarf, Nordstroms

Pants are not my favorite ‘go to’ piece for work, and I don’t have many…Why? First of all, I feel more feminine in a dress or skirt – even though my legs are not long, with or without hose, it feels more ‘womanly’ to me…..Secondly, and probably the bigger reason – pants are harder to get right! To look your best, alterations are almost always in order, and unless a straight, ‘pencil’ leg style, they must be tailored to a specific heel….and how about the waist and inseam??? Even if you find a perfect fit, gain two pounds and you can’t breathe (or worse yet, camel toe)…lose two and you have a droopy crotch…..What I have found is that a little bit of lycra/spandex in the fabric can alleviate many of the fit issues and a ‘pencil’ leg allows you to wear different heel heights – but unless you are blessed with long legs at least a three inch heel will be most flattering…..These particular silk pants were on sale this past winter at Bloomingdales…they caught my eye because I wanted to add more pants to my wardrobe and I was in my ‘crazy navy’ phase….when I tried them on I loved them immediately – not only did they feel as comfy as pajamas, but the fabric felt great against my skin and the fit was perfect….love the tapered leg……025 No need to hide the wide elastic waistband – tucking in the fitted top gives it a neater look….this particular top is a favorite basic from Wolford – it has sheer three quarter sleeves and sheer detailing at the neckline, a nice dressy complement to the silk pants (and looks equally great with jeans!)……then not to be too ‘matchy’,  a lightweight ivory Burberry plaid scarf……(Thank you to Maggie in Accessories at Nordstroms, Burlington – she never steers me wrong!)

Charles David blue suede pumps
Charles David blue suede pumps

026 If I am wearing pants, shoe choice is huge so I don’t feel like a schlump….my pumps from Mad About Shoe were perfect – I felt sexy in a menswear inspired way!

Do you enjoy wearing pants or do you also find them challenging?  Would love to hear…..

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  • Yoiu look fabulous in anything you put on your body, Love the pants and the scarf is to die for. One of my favorite pieces is the pink linen blouse you purchased. Checked the store but they were all out of the pink Maybe I should go back and try the navy? Your legs look great no need to worry about long legs….


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