I Scream, You Scream!

hot-fudge-sundae-photos-5 WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! I know I do, regardless of the time of year, but even more so when the heat is on….and even if you are counting calories, no need to eliminate ice cream altogether – remember, it is all about balance and portion control….So, keeping that in mind, here are six ice cream treats that are sure to satisfy:

  1. Brigham’s vanilla with Brigham’s hot fudge – this was Ginger’s favorite by far; when there was a Brigham’s shop in town, my dad would buy the fresh hot fudge served in a cardboard container…I can still smell the rich, almost black hot fudge which never hardens on the cold ice cream….you can buy it today in jars at the supermarket – heating it is a must! hot fudge
  2. Callebaut Vermicelli –  whether you call them “jimmies” or “sprinkles”, you have to try these!  They are sold in small plastic containers at Whole Foods or at Formaggio’s in Cambridge….they are nothing like the artificially flavored chocolate toppings you had in the past – one taste and you will appreciate the difference…..great on plain vanilla ice cream, or try it on coffee or black raspberry! So pretty too!
  3. Talenti gelato –  my latest addiction and to be exact –  the sea salt caramel flavor….also available at Whole Foods…….Gelato has less fat and sugar than ice cream per ounce, but also has less air, so is more dense….my trick to avoid overindulging is to have it in a small ramekin instead of a bowl – satisfaction without the guilt!  (The sturdy pint containers are also great to save for storing leftover soups, salads, etc)….If company is coming, nothing could be easier than a scoop of gelato served ‘Ginger style’ with a sugar wafer or a biscotti – in a pretty dish, of course!


  4. Serve ice cream on a waffle  –  story I remember from Ginger: when she was young and company dropped in unannounced (as Armenians often did in those days), my grandmother would “whip up” a waffle batter from scratch and make hot waffles served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top – OMG, can you just imagine the ice cream melting on the fresh, crispy waffle???……I don’t know what surprises me more – making a spontaneous batch of waffles or eating that as an unexpected snack, but doesn’t it sound yummy?? (Suppose you could also pop Eggo’s in the toaster…..heehee)
    We have company!
    Ready for guests!


  5. Make a cantaloupe bowl –  another childhood memory…..on hot summer days for a special lunch, my mother would halve a cantaloupe , scoop out the seeds, and fill the center with vanilla ice cream – it was such a refreshing combination, an interesting presentation, and fun to eat!
    If this is my lunch, I think I will skip dessert!
    If this is my lunch, I think I will skip dessert!


  6. Go to Moozy’s! – a favorite ice cream/sandwich shop in Belmont, on the Watertown line, in the location that formerly housed Brigham’s for many memorable years…..Moozy’s has not skipped a beat and what’s great is that there is something here for everyone, whether you are watching calories or lactose intolerant –  maybe you are a frozen yogurt fan (such a Pinkberry and the like) – Moozy’s has it without having to fight for a parking space in Harvard Square!……. my favorite is the original tart with fresh strawberries and a dab of warm butterscotch sauce…..or if you crave soft serve ice cream – who doesn’t? – that’s here too – it’s self serve, with topping options galore……along with a great selection of hard ice cream, sherbets, and freshly made sandwiches…..
    Let's go to MOOZY'S!
    Let’s go to MOOOOOZY’S!

    What’s your favorite way to enjoy ice cream?


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