Flashback to The 60’s

For those of you like me who are over 60, do you remember Twiggy’s bob, go-go boots, bell bottoms, psychedelic shirts, and the ‘MOD’ look? We were just kids then, yearning to wear some of these styles when we were old enough! Haha! Well, we’re old enough now – or too old as some may say! Nonsense! Wear what makes you smile.

This outfit quite accidentally came together and reminded me of the 60’s…it started with the black lace DVF blouse, a recent find at Revolve…with a cami underneath it creates a fun business casual look…with cropped flares, and the white booties, I was on my way to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in! Remember???

But to be truly a free spirit of the 60’s, you need something bright and colorful, something perhaps in vinyl…


All kidding aside, this was not meant to be a joke, or a 60’s costume, just a more playful business casual outfit…pandemic business attire is certainly less formal, yet you never want to look too casual or overtly sexy…this strikes the balance and better yet….if there’s a Zoom meeting…

I’m ready!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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One Comment

  • LOVE the outfit! I remember all of it from then and think it’s absolutely fabulous now. The blouse is gorgeous and the vinyl jacket makes it POP!
    Sock it to me!


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