Fursday Night

KORS fur cape, BCBG dress
KORS fur cape, BCBG dress

When you mention ‘Friday night’, many people think TGIF!….end of the work week, finally time to relax and/or party with friends….for Ginger, it was always Saturday night that was official date night – whether you were single or married, this was the night you did not stay home….ever. :-) For Peter and I, it has somehow become a tradition that Thursday night starts our weekend of fun, whether just the two of us or out with friends…..this particular Thursday I was in a festive mood as we were celebrating the twelve year anniversary of our first date….it was a blind date, by the way, and truth be told, I called him……it sure pays off to be a bold woman ladies……:-)021 It also pays off to be a smart shopper…..both the dress and the fur cape were incredible bargains from Revolve!  The dress is BCBG, which is not a label I typically wear, being geared more for the younger gals….when I tried it on I could not resist – it looked like it came from Paris!……..not too revealing, not too short, perfectly suitable for someone ‘mature’……..SHOES The shoes are MIU MIU which is a division of Prada, found on sale years ago at Nordstrom’s…love the feminine details that have a vintage feel, perfect with the feminine details of the dress….012 When I wear this fur, I can’t help but remember that Ginger had bought me a faux fur jacket that looked very similar when I was around 17….I LOVED it and wore it regularly to high school, feelin’ pretty darn cool……….. So ladies!  I bet you have a few ‘special occasion’ dresses in your closet, maybe a fur, maybe a valuable pair of earrings???  Wear them!!!  Not just to a wedding, to your high school reunion, not just on Saturday nights – any night of the week!  If people ask you why you are so dressed up, you have many options:  “We just came from a party”……”I was in the mood”……”Life is short, why not?”     Added bonus:  not only will you look great on the outside, it will make you feel great on the inside.  ;-)

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  • I’m really enjoying the fashion show every week. You never disappoint! Another smart, sexy outfit. You would dazzle them in Paris. Pack your bags !!!


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