How To Look Successful

Frank Schipani, CEO The Schipani Group
Frank Schipani, CEO
The Schipani Group

No, not ‘How to Dress for Success’ –  simply, how to look successful….you are probably thinking, why would I just want to look successful, I want to BE successful. Yessiree, don’t we all want that……however, that doesn’t usually happen overnight……soooo, in the meantime, why not look successful??? Just follow these three simple rules:

  1. Be impeccably dressed at all times. (Visual impact)
  2. Always be tan. (Looks like you have just come back from somewhere expensive)
  3. Buy nice people drinks. (Shows generosity and financial means)

OK.  Some of you may now think I am nuts…… could I be suggesting a fake tan and trying to create a fake image??   That’s not nice!  Sure it can be!  Haven’t you heard of fake it till you make it?  To be perfectly honest, it is really #1 that I most believe in, but I sure got a chuckle out of these three rules when I recently heard it from Frank Schipani, pictured above…..supposedly it was a quote from Aristotle Onassis….

Earlier this year I met Frank at a Luxury Council networking event in Southport, CT, then again at another event in White Plains, NY…..he is always impeccably dressed, and yes, that is what initially intrigued me….but beyond his perfectly tailored jackets and suede Italian loafers is a charming, warm, down to earth businessman and devoted family man….no fakeness here!

Now – surely there are times when you want to look like a million bucks – even if you are on a tight budget….maybe it is for an important business meeting, maybe you are going on a first date, or maybe you are attending your 40th high school reunion!  You need not spend a fortune to have a WOW appearance if you pay attention to these seven rules, Ginger inspired….

  1. Clothes must fit perfectly.  Yes, perfectly.  Hems, cuffs, shoulders, everything.  Usually requires a visit to your tailor…..
  2. Choose solid dark colors.  Nobody will know the brand/label of your perfectly fitting dress if it is navy or black.  If you choose a recognizable print from a mainstream store, you will blow your cover!
  3. Wear simple jewelry.  Avoid trying to make a statement – if you wear simple, understated earrings and bracelets, only you will know if they are costume or fine  jewelry.
  4. Keep your nails short and professionally manicured.  A pale nude/pink polish or a French manicure is ideal, no polish is also acceptable.  NEVER chipped polish, never dagger long nails, never nail art.
  5. Hair should be shoulder length or shorter, or pulled pack in a simple barrette.  No scrunchies or plastic clips.  If you color your hair, maintain it regularly – no gray roots!
  6. Shoe choice varies depending on situation, but they should always be well maintained – no scuffs, no worn down heels.
  7. Handbag needs to look like pristine.  It need not be a designer bag –  it is actually more intriguing to have an attractive no-name bag – but it must not look worn, it should be a current style, of appropriate size, and not overstuffed.

SO!  Are ya ready to look like a million bucks???




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