No, this is not a post about gender identity, it’s just about a WFH outfit that combines masculine and feminine elements, something that I have always found especially appealing…

Each piece of this outfit has its own unique history, except for the cropped leggings (Commando) which are new this year…the booties (Via Spiga) and black blazer (Theory) are both at least ten years old and still great wardrobe basics…

The navy knit tie is by Donna Karan, it belonged to Ginger at least twenty years ago and the pearls – which are real, by the way – they also belonged to Ginger. What’s funny here, while my mom was stylish, I am certain that she never wore a combination like this, nor would she approve!

Ginger believed that you should dress ‘age appropriately’, and after fifty that meant anything remotely sexy was a no-no. HA! The hell with that!

The funny thing was that in my forties – when my mom was still alive – a part of me thought that she made sense and I dressed a bit more conservatively…well, well, well…the older I get the more I see those rules as complete nonsense…a woman should dress to please herself, regardless of her age…it doesn’t necessarily mean sexy clothes, it’s whatever pleases YOU…feminine dresses, cowboy boots, athleisure, or tailored suits – wear what makes you smile – age is irrelevant.

Ok, back to the outfit…

The cotton striped shirt is by Citizens of Humanity, founds a few years back at my favorite consignment shop, Revolve/Belmont Center…

What makes this outfit work so well is the overall balance – balance of loose fitting with tight, sweet with sexy, masculine with feminine, serious with fun…

In case you were wondering, I did not leave the house all day…it was a very busy day of conference calls and Zoom meetings, one right after the next…I could easily have worn a crew neck sweater with jeans and sneakers…but – what you wear affects how you feel…

Feeling badass. ;-)

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the now.

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