Vaccine Day

Despite the challenges of the system and despite all the negative press, we are finally making progress with the distribution of vaccines. As a healthcare worker I qualified for phase one and made my appointment (after a few tries) for vaccine #1 at a Wegmans in Chestnut Hill…when the day arrived, the big question was – you guessed it – what will I wear?

It had to be something warm, it had to allow for easy access to my upper arm, and I wanted some feeling of fun since this was a happy occasion…

On the feet: warm yet stylish Aquatalia boots with Wolford opaque tights…a fun plaid miniskirt with an edgy hip belt…topped off with a wool sweater that can be worn off the shoulder or as a boatneck…

Easy deltoid access! ;-)

As for outerwear, who knew if I would be facing a line, perhaps even waiting outdoors??? Might as well wear my warmest hat that also happens to be fun, fun, fun…

The brand is Surell, bought a few years back at Bloomies…

Let’s get this vaccine!!!

YES!!! FYI: surprisingly, there was no line to enter Wegmans, and no line at the pharmacy to get the vaccine…amazing. I learned that it was the Moderna vaccine that I would be getting which was fine with me…I trust them all. It did not hurt.

The next day my arm was ever so slightly sore, not even enough to modify my workout routine…while some of my colleagues did have experience mild flu symptoms the next day, I experienced no other symptoms…vaccine #2 is scheduled for February 25th – fingers crossed that it all goes this smoothly and symptom free…even if I do experience side effects I am certain that they will be mild and short-lived.

Let’s keep this progress going!!!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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