Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021…we’re still wearing masks, still social distancing, and sadly, many restaurants have closed their doors, some temporarily, some for good. Yet, lovers, do not despair! With a bit of creativity and a bottle of champagne you can still have a romantic dinner at home, either cooking yourself or doing takeout…if that’s not appealing, search online and you just might get lucky…much to my surprise, there were plenty of restaurants that are open, so hooray, we will be going out – any reason to celebrate ROMANCE and DRESS UP! ;-) Speaking of which, what to wear this year? My rule: Gotta be sexy, gotta be fun, gotta make your man smile…I’m considering one of two options – maybe you can help me decide…

Option #1 – a Rag and Bone pleated skirt with a Free People off-the-shoulder top…by adding a simple rose pin (an accessory I have had for years) it transforms the whole look…now the black separates have a sweet yet sexy Latin vibe…perfect for this occasion!

I can hear some of you thinking, “Won’t she be cold??” Now ladies. You have a winter coat, right? From your warm home to your heated car to the heated restaurant you will not be outdoors for even five minutes! And in case it is chilly inside – always take a wrap…this one is a sheer wool, generously sized, and oh so glamorous…

If a jacket, sweater, or tights enhances your outfit, go for it! But avoid layers that scream, “I’m old, I’m cold.”

On to the second option…

Option #2 – a Wolford faux leather skirt with a Susana Monaco strapless top – in red, of course!

With bold gold jewelry and nude shoes it keeps the focus on the RED top without looking too ‘matchy’…this look is a totally different vibe from the first – more sexy than sweet, but still fun for the occasion…

As for the ‘won’t-she-be-cold’ factor, the same solution applies! If it’s snowing, of course boots or booties will be the backup shoe choice…

So – what do you think? Outfit #1 or #2?

The bottom line is that not everyone likes going out for Valentines Day…

For those that prefer to stay at home this weekend, how about takeout and watching a romantic movie? If you like time travel stories, I highly recommend Somewhere In Time, a 1980 fantasy drama with Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer…a very sweet tear jerker with an oh so beautiful soundtrack. Something different! :-)

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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