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Many moons ago I was a member of The Tango Society of Boston, attending milongas on a regular basis, wearing lots of black on black accessorized dramatically, with unique pieces such as this velvet rose pin…on a recent winter day I spied the long forgotten pin in my jewelry drawer and decided to wear it – even if I was only working from home…

Sure, it would be a no brainer to wear the rose on a black suit, but in my ‘standout style’ mindset, it was a white suit that I chose!

This elegant suit looks and feels ‘expensive’, but it was a bargain last year at Banana Republic, purchased just before the pandemic began…the synthetic fabric is fairly heavyweight (a good thing for white) and it has a nice texture and feel…you might think I sound like a broken record but ‘fit and fabric‘ is everything…

When purchasing a flare leg pant – as well as a suit jacket – it is unlikely the fit will be perfect off the rack, especially cuff and pant length. Important Ginger lesson: Visit your tailor and make the necessary alterations! This makes a huge difference – it’s much of what makes a bargain suit look expensive.

Under the suit, a simple black turtleneck by Majestic…aside from the super soft fabric, I love the sleek fit and the elbow length sleeves…it’s a great basic top.

Even without the jacket and the rose pin, this is a chic look that could be worn year round…

The Bottom Line:

  • White is not only for summer, it’s a year round color!
  • Wearing white on Zoom calls brightens up your face.
  • Simple basics are perfect for bold accessories.
  • Invest the time and money in alterations; it will change your whole look.
  • A fitted black turtleneck is a wardrobe ‘must-have.’
  • Don’t wait for the pandemic to end to enjoy your favorite outfits.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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