Risky Business 2021

Have you ever considered that shopping for clothes is risky business? You obviously aren’t risking your life, but you are surely risking a certain amount of money. Unless you buy the same labels and the same styles all the time – boring – you are always taking a chance on whether you will love something or if it will end up in the back of your closet, never to see the light of day…haha..believe me, I have made plenty of mistakes over the years, but not with anything seen here…

Let’s start with the blouse. Brand is DVF. A find last year at Revolve. It was unlike anything I have had before, but it looked like fun…with a cami underneath, it could be worn to work, as weekend wear, on date night – casual or dressed up…it fit perfectly and the fabric was high quality, so all in all, low risk!!! :-) Yes, it turned out to be a win – I have already worn it a few times – styled differently – and I love it.

Moving on to the pants, or jeans, to be accurate…they are Seven for All Mankind, 50% off this month at French Lessons in Winchester. So where’s the risk? A whole new cut. Normally I wear a cropped flare leg or full length skinny jeans, fitted tight hip to ankle…with skinny jeans however, pointed toe booties never work – too skinny to wear outside the bootie and tucked in looks silly – this style is a cropped straight leg, fits looser through the leg and not tight around the ankle…50% off…I took a chance! Another win.

The relaxed fit is a nice change…

And they are perfect with booties…Yay!!!

In case you were wondering, yes, a lace blouse is not the warmest piece for a winters day…no problem! A Cotes of London vest is a fun and toasty topper! I wear this often indoors as a sweater alternative…but on a Zoom call, gotta go for the lace!

Do you find yourself making purchases that you regret? Here are some pointers to help you get more wins:

  • Better to try something different when it is on sale or a real bargain, especially if it isn’t returnable.
  • If it doesn’t fit perfectly, walk away.
  • Know what styles look good on you and stick to them.
  • Purchase pieces that fall into one of two categories: What a great BASIC! or OMG I LOVE THIS!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • Love this outfit. The jeans are my favorite piece. I would def take a risk on those! But I have to be honest, that’s the cut I usually wear (in all colors and washes) so it wouldn’t really be a risk.


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