Kicking It Up

When it was clear that we needed to practice social distancing for weeks – meaning no gym – I was determined to use this as an opportunity to kick up my exercise routine and try to drop a few pounds. Along with many others in the same boat, I took up running…every morning I run further and further, and often I run a second time in the afternoon…

After my morning run I lift weights, pushing myself harder than I ever did at the gym, perhaps to find something positive from this horrible situation…why not get in better shape that has both health and vanity benefits…

For the past four weeks, meals and snacks have been super healthy, portion controlled, and low carb…I no longer do the ‘lazy keto’ diet, but just a high protein, balanced diet with lots of vegetables and salads…By the way, after doing lazy keto, it has been such a pleasure to have toast again!

And Dave’s Killer Bread is one of my favorites at only 70 calories a slice…I actually call it “prison bread” because supposedly one third of the employees of this bakery business have a criminal background:”Stable employment sparks personal transformation.” I digress…;-)

So – after three weeks of this new routine I was dying to get on the scale and see how much weight I lost…my clothes fit more loosely and I was feeling great…on the scale I go: NOT ONE POUND DIFFERENT. What the fuck???

I was so sure that the scale would show a 2-3 lb loss…is it because I am gaining muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat? Is it because I have not given up alcohol?? Who the heck knows??? All I do know is that I’m not stopping – not stopping the intense exercise, not stopping the healthy diet, and – not stopping the tequila. (Well, maybe…) 😉

Stay safe, eat healthy, and keep moving!

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