Kiddos On The Cape

Peter and I recently enjoyed a few nights away on the Cape with our children and grandkids…a beautiful beach, plenty of eating and drinking, many laughs, and of course, cute outfits!  Some things worn by the kiddos were a flashback to what I put on my two when they were little, starting with these pjs…

‘Papou’ and Emily

Do you remember Hanna Andersson?   This company makes children’s clothes in the softest cotton, my favorite item has always been the striped long johns in navy or red…

When they go on sale Gigi (that’s me!) knows it’s time for some online shopping…

Gigi also knows that a girl needs a swimsuit that is equally cute and comfy – Florence Eiseman has been making garments since 1945, with the philosophy that “Children should look like children.”  I love that!  Also adorable is the coordinating white terry coverup with daisy detail at the neck.  So sweet!

This pic has a funny little story (along with the funny face Henry is making)…Peter and I, along with son-in-law Tyler, were dressed for dinner – but mom needed a bit more time to get ready so we came down with the kids for a quick drink at the outside bar…snapped a few pics and enjoyed the gorgeous setting…when Hayley arrived a few minutes later she pulled two pair of kids shoes out of her tote bag – “Those weren’t the shoes I wanted the kids to wear tonight.”, she said.  🙂    OMG.  Did Hayley just do that?  Ginger-bred is passing through to the next generation!

In this moment I was speechless, but smiling inside…sure, Natives are cute, but nothing compares to leather sandals. On Emily, Salt Water gold sandals from Zappos, on Henry, tan fisherman sandals by Elephantito, also from Zappos.  Back in the 90’s we didn’t have Zappos  yet – Ginger and I would trek into the North End for beautiful and unique styles at Varese Shoes (no longer in business)…this tradition always included getting pizza at Umberto’s and dessert and Cafe Vittoria (still my fave).  Nice memories. 🙂

On another night when Henry did wear his Natives, he proudly came into our room to show off his cool outfit of white jeans and a striped polo.  This is what he did when I asked him to pose for me…

Yeah…’Ginger-bred’ is certainly passing on to the next generations…:-)

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  • How adorable! I know you all had a blast. I remember when my niece was that age. Oh the shopping!


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