Maxi Skirt Do’s and Don’ts

James Pearce cotton knit shirt with JCrew skirt, Furla tote

Back when I was only 14, Ginger bought me a maxi dress from a trip to NYC, and I can remember getting quite a few weird comments/looks back here at junior high school – didn’t stop me from loving it! Maxi skirts and dresses are a fun addition to your wardrobe regardless of your age, height, or body type….they are comfortable, versatile, and especially easy in the summer months. Pay attention to these pointers to look effortless and stylish, not frumpy or overpowered by fabric….
DO:  Always consider proportion to your body. If you are petite (like me), look for maxis that are cut narrow and are fitted on your hips – a straight skirt in a soft fabric will be most flattering….taller gals can enjoy the more voluminous styles.

DON’T:  Wear it to work.  Unless you work in a casual and/or creative environment, maxi skirts are a no-no.  For a business casual workplace, the emphasis is usually on business, and maxi skirts do not send a serious, conservative message….they are best suited for after hours and on the weekend, whether out with friends, entertaining at home, or out grocery shopping –  as an alternative to jeans or cropped pants.

DO: Keep your top simple and fitted….a simple tight tee shirt or cami keeps the look balanced….Top it with a cropped denim or soft leather jacket….if you prefer a sweater, look for a cropped or fitted style, never a boxy fit which will lead you to frump city….When all else fails, nothing beats a white shirt tied at the waist.

DON’T: Forget to accessorize….maxi skirts are perfect for fun jewelry – go Bohemian with hoop earrings and pile on the bangle bracelets!  I also like a wide belt slung low on the hips which defines some shape…..a wrinkled linen scarf and a straw tote and you are good to go!  maxi glasses
DO: Wear a stylish flat or a wedge…flip flops are too beachy, boots are generally too heavy, pumps too dressy….if you feel better with some height, a small block heel or a wedge is best….
DON’T: Confuse a maxi with a midi. To the over 40 set who may have some ‘long’ skirts or dresses in your closet from years gone by:  If the hem ends somewhere between the mid-calf and a couple of inches above your ankle, that is not a maxi skirt. Have it shortened or say bye-bye.

You can find maxi skirts and dresses at all price points, in stores from Target to Nordstroms….a few years back I picked up a black satin maxi skirt at TJMaxx and have worn it many ways – casually with a cropped chambray shirt (similar to below pic) then dressed up with a black cashmere halter sweater…….not only did it look great, but it also felt great – loose, luxurious fabric against bare legs sure beats the feel of tight jeans!

Pinterest photo; great way to wear a black maxi!
Pinterest photo; great way to wear a black maxi!

Do you enjoy wearing a maxi?

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