Splurge or Steal

Anne Fontaine blouse
Anne Fontaine blouse

One lesson that I clearly remember from Ginger is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to look great…..dressing “with good taste”, paying attention to fit, and sticking to classic styles were things she considered important…..I certainly agree, yet must admit it is also fun to splurge! In most cases when an item is pricey it will be of higher quality fabric and construction….it will even feel better than a lower priced alternative…..this Anne Fontaine blouse was a gift from Peter last year and it is a ‘wow’….it makes a dramatic statement and also looks great with jeans and boots…yes, it is a splurge in the $300 dollar range…..

Front ruffle detail, sheer panels, pleated full sleeves...(I could have tucked it in neater!)
Front ruffle detail, sheer panels, pleated full sleeves…(I could have tucked it in neater!)

One recent day at work as my colleagues and I were preparing for an event, in walked Merlina (our nurse supervisor in NYC) and what a ‘wow’ she was! “What a pretty blouse”, I commented, “whose label is that”?………..Are ya ready??????? She got it at Forever 21 for $15!!! My jaw fell to the floor! If my invisalign braces weren’t so tight they would have fallen out! Please don’t tell Peter……

Beautiful Merlina in Forever 21 blouse and BeBe skirt
Beautiful Merlina in Forever 21 blouse and BeBe skirt

Forever 21 caters to the younger woman and has a wide variety of casual and work wear……at those prices you can’t go wrong! You can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank….I was truly impressed.
Another example of splurge vs steal: two tones shoes – love them! I splurged years ago on these Paul Mayer shoes from Cuoio – beige quilted leather with black patent tips and heels….not only are they comfortable, but also very versatile and very ‘Chanel’……after wearing them to death, they were finally put to rest last weekend (sniff! sniff!)………….

Goodbye  Fond memories .....
Fond memories …..

Well, when one door closes…..

Ann Taylor pumps
Ann Taylor pumps

……….Another one opens! Found these great pumps at Ann Taylor this year, on sale, under $100….certainly not a shoe I would walk miles in, but they are surprisingly comfortable considering the height……a great shoe, and definitely a STEAL! Yay!

Was your last purchase a splurge or a steal???? Do tell!

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  • No worries, your blouse is clearly exquisite, while the Forever 21 blouse is just pretty.


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