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pina colada Have you ever considered that your choice of cocktail is a reflection of who you are, a glimpse into your personality? Yesirree…….Is the ‘message’ of your choice one you want?…..You might say that this is ridiculous and you will order what you like regardless of what others might think, but there may be certain situations where the impression you make is important – maybe going on a first date or at a business function? I was recently at an Italian restaurant/wine bar with a group of professionals when one woman in our party ordered a virgin pina colada……WTF???? Sorry, but I could not believe my ears. No, they do not make Pina Coladas in an Italian restaurant – do you see where you are???  Hello, this Boston, not Aruba!   Did I form an opinion about this woman’s decision making? You bet I did……Funny, I can remember Ginger having opinions about what people ordered for drinks – she did not like it when a woman drank beer, and heaven forbid if drinking it straight out of the bottle….she considered beer a ‘poor man’s’ drink for even men, and preferred a man to drink wine or a ‘highball’ of scotch or rye… that drank fruity sweet drinks?  According to Ginger, not real men.

Drinking cocktails (responsibly) is part of being socially savvy. If you want to choose cocktails that show you are a sophisticated adult, keep a few things in mind:

  • You must acquire a taste for alcohol.  Even a sixth grader would like the taste of a strawberry daiquiri or a mudslide…time to grow up!  Hopefully you have given up Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms by now………
  • Be aware of where you are.  In a sport’s bar?  Don’t think they will be muddling mint for a mojito – order a frigging beer.
  • Think about the calories.  Any person that cares about being in shape is not going to be ordering rounds of margaritas or frozen daiquiris. A glass of wine or a cocktail with club soda is your best bet for low-cal options.
  • Educate yourself.  Are you still ordering white zinfandel or the ‘house’ wine?  There are many wines to choose from and you need not attend a class! At certain bars/restaurants the bartender can be very informative and allow you to try different varieties.  I recently tried Pinot Gris  – was nice, light,  and quite different than Pinot Grigio….Malbec and Montepulciano are another two great wines I recently discovered….
  • If you are refraining from alcohol in a situation where others are drinking, sparkling water or club soda with lemon or lime is a good choice.  Diet coke, orange juice, virgin pina colada….no, no, no.

Some of my current favorites:sofia A dry rose, my wine of choice in the spring and summer….pretty colors, calories not bad if you don’t overdo it!

Capital Grille pineapple infused vodka
Capital Grille pineapple infused vodka

A Stoli Doli – preferably from the Capital Grille….pineapple infused vodka served straight up and cold, it is yummy without being too sweet….some other bars may infuse different fruits, but this is the best!

Dirty Martini
Dirty Martini

And last but not least, my new favorite: a vodka dirty martini, served straight up……did I love this the first time I tried it? No. But I do now, having acquired a taste for it. What I like about it: you get plenty of buzz from not so many calories and the glass is so sexy!  Men that drink martinis? Ohh yeah…..very James Bond…..;-)

What’s your drink of choice and what does it say about you???




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  • I’ve lost my taste for alcohol over the years, so mixed drinks (except for a wine spritzer) are out for me. Other than wine spritzers, I like vino verde, and Rolling Rock or other very light beer. When I lived in Colorado, I was surprised to find that virtually everyone drinks beer from the bottle! It would not be unusual to see men and women drinking beer this way at a dressy event. I couldn’t get used to that, I always asked for a glass.


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