Weekend in New York



Love this city!
Love this city!

One of my favorite mottos is ‘Work hard, play hard’, and that I have been doing this year for sure…..work has required frequent trips to New York City and on a recent work trip Peter joined me and we turned it into a fun long weekend……So much to see and do – and we did – but what am I dying to share with you????  Experiences about clothes of course!!!! And not what you might expect……..
Shoe observation:   Lots of stylish women in NYC wear flats. Daytime. Nightime. Not flip flops, but stylish sandals and shoes….when you consider how much walking you do in the city, it really makes sense…..and while I still like to wear high heels at night, I did wear complete flats a couple of times at night and liked it!  There’s something sexy about it – you can walk really fast and with extreme confidence – even on the uneven sidewalks…..one shoe I noticed quite a bit and do not care for is a nude ballet flat….it makes you look like you are barefoot, unlike a nude pump that makes your legs look long….here is a cute NY inspired sandal:

Rose gold sandal; Pinterest
Rose gold sandal; Pinterest

A Dress I will Never Wear Again:  One lovely summer evening we were heading out to ‘The Standard’…an upscale, fun restaurant recommended by many….I chose to wear a red silk maxi dress purchased not that long ago from Calypso….an elegant look was my intention.  Well. This was not the elegant crowd – this was the HOT and SEXY crowd.  Oops……It is not that I looked bad, or even out of place – it is how I felt…..and let me add that the waistline never hit me right, always playing with it, not really comfortable……when dinner was over I said to Peter, “time to take Julie Andrews home.”…..Haha….if my daughter does not scoop this up it may soon show up at Revolve…..

 I packed the wrong top:  Getting dressed for Saturday night, pulled out my leopard skirt, high heels, black Theory one shoulder top – OH NO! I packed the wrong black top! Instead of my sexy one, I brought a very blah black top that I would wear to work. 🙁    Wahhh!!!  (Something like this actually happened to me once before on vacation when I grabbed what I thought was a black cardigan, and when in the chilly restaurant I realized I brought a black dress!)  Thank goodness this time I had packed a lace trimmed black cami as an extra top – so not so awful after all…..

Off to dinner.....
Off to dinner…..

Don’t save your special clothes: It is hard not to notice how great the women (and men!) dress in New York…what is most apparent is that it is not just for the evening, definitely not just for special occasions….during the day, to work, out shopping, running errands……..I love this!!! Every day is special, so wear your best every single day! Practicing what I preach, I wore this fabulous Chan Luu sequin top with denim shorts to hits the streets and shop!  Off to SoHo!ready to shop Shop with a strategy: On one hand it is a blast to shop in NYC, but without any focus on what you want it can be overwhelming….Peter found a fabulous navy sport jacket at SCOOP (to replace one that is dated/baggy), I found a pair of great Arche shoes on sale…..(I have been wanting a colored shoe)…..SCOOP has both men’s and women’s clothes and is also on Newbury Street in Boston…..Arche is also is Boston, known for extremely comfortable shoes – they tend to be a bit ‘crunchy’, but certain styles are quite flattering – I love these, will wear them to work as well as casually with rolled up jeans or shorts….

Theory blazer
Theory blazer

This post has gone on long enough, but I must share two quick things unrelated to clothes:

1- If you are in NYC, go to the 9/11 museum – very powerful. Get your tickets in advance to avoid very long lines.

2- If you remember Carole King, you must see Beautiful! Great show that will have you singing for days….

I just love New York! Do you????

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  • That’s a good story about the black dress! And, those rose-colored shoes are pretty. I wish more manufacturers would make colorful shoes, though lately I’ve seen more of them. But some seasons it seems like they think the only colors are black and maybe a few brown. Especially for fall-winter. So, if you see a nice pair of boots or shoes that come in interesting patterns and colors, snap them up because they probably won’t be there next time around.

  • You were in one of my two favorite cities (the other one is Paris, “bien sûr”). My husband and I spend lots of time and long weekends there from early fall to late spring for the opera season. If you want to see interesting outfits, the Metropolitan Opera is the place to see them, especially the evening performances. Fabulous!

    I always wear a medium-heeled pump when I’m out and about in Manhattan. So versatile. They go w/everything, particularly as I have them in every color and texture I can get my little tootsies into.

    You looked really terrific in all your outfits. You may have felt a little over dressed at that one venue, but, frankly, my Dear, anything goes in the Big Apple. I think your outfit was just right. Whatever you wear, confidence should be your most eye-catching accessory. I have a feeling your Mother would agree w/me on that.

    Cheers, M-T


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