Six Things That Can Ruin A Great Outfit

014 You work hard every day, then invest precious time and money to purchase that fabulous dress – maybe for a special occasion, maybe just for work – either way, you want to rock it, right? Of course right!! Believe it or not, ‘rockin’ it’ is not only about choosing the right shoes or accessories…Sure, they matter, but there are actually other things that matter just as much….things you can’t buy at Bloomies or Revolve – some cost very little and make a big difference, and some are absolutely free!

    1. Body language – I can remember Ginger saying, “put your shoulders back, stand up straight…”….how you carry yourself when you walk, how you sit in a chair, what you do with your arms and hands – all affect how you come across to others…arms crossed in front of you sends a negative message and is unbecoming…..whether you are wearing pants or a skirt, always sit ‘like a lady’ with your legs together or crossed gracefully….someone recently described me to a colleague as “tall” and I am only 5’3″!  Must be doing a good job with my posture!
    2. Underwear choice – Ok, there may be times when you are feeling wild and crazy and want to flash a pretty bra strap or a peek of colored bra……Never ever to work! In the majority of situations, underwear should not show.  Period.  Get yourself a nude t-shirt bra that is going to be invisible under light colored tops.  Do not ever wear bikini panties under fitted pants or skirts – the visible lines are not sexy, they are unflattering! Nude thong underwear usually does the trick – avoid the lacy ones which can show through –  Commando makes thongs that are undetectable, even under white……, you are not too old for a thong…..
    3. A blah attitude – Feeling fat? Not looking forward to a long commute? Not looking forward to dinner with your in-laws? For the things you can’t change, accept them and put a smile on your face……When my sister and I were young and single, “Smile!!” was a frequent Ginger lesson…..There is nothing more attractive than someone that is happy and confident – not that happy yet? Fake it till you make it!
    4. Outdated hairstyle – Clothing styles change, so do hair styles…..How long have you been wearing your hair the way it is now?  C’mon, be honest!! Over five years?  Always???? It is time for a change!  You will look instantly chic and more put together with an updated look…..don’t even bother asking your hubbie or boyfriend what they like because they will have you stay the same forever.  Not usually a good look.
    5. Fit/length – Just because the dress is your size does not mean it fits perfectly – a couple of inches off the hem, or a minor shoulder adjustment can make a huge difference!  Off the rack clothing cannot possibly be made to fit all shapes and sizes exactly right – do like Ginger and visit your tailor regularly – makes you look taller and thinner when clothes are a perfect fit.
    6. Naked face – It is no secret that I love makeup, and not for a ‘natural’ look…….my preference for a dramatic made up look is personal choice – like my mother’s, and certainly not for everyone – but a naked face???  Horrors!  Your face is what people see most of all!  Doesn’t it deserve at least a little attention?  A tinted moisturizer, mascara, a light application of lipstick – this shows you care about yourself and adds ‘finish’.

      Wearing bargains from Revolve and a SMILE on my face!
      Wearing bargains from Revolve and a SMILE on my face!

So put on some lipstick, stand up straight, and smile!  You are halfway there! 🙂

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  • Never the naked face! Another blogger at The French Touch – – told a story about visiting her mother in the retirement home: she pushed her mother’s wheelchair down the hall where they a joined a group that met regularly. The group leader introduced a new resident, and they went around the circle to say hello to the new arrival. When they got to French’s mother, she looked at the new lady and said, “Would it kill you to put on a little lipstick?” I love that story!

    • That is hysterical!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed checking out her blog too…..

  • Dear Ginger-Bred, I ran across Rita’s reference to my Mother (Mme Mère) and her lipstick comment on your blog. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me how much they love that comment. She was quite a lady. In fact, she would have been 99 years old on August 16th. She’s been gone two years now, but her lessons will remain w/me forever. My latest post is about this interesting, complicated woman. You might want to check it out.

    Cheers, M-T


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