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Veronica Beard dress, Roberto Festa shoes
Veronica Beard dress, Roberto Festa shoes

Do you ever notice in fashion magazines some outfits completely unadorned?? There is no scarf, no jewelry, no belt, little to no color, and a very ‘nude’ face….this would be minimalist style – generally not me, and certainly was not Ginger! Bold accessories piled on is more my preference, and my face has not been nude since infancy! With that said, there are definitely times when less is more. When you wear a beautifully made dress it creates more of a ‘WOW’ without overdoing accessories – keeping it simple is elegant, it is classy, and it puts the focus on the woman wearing the dress… takes restraint to do this, especially when you have drawers full of fun bracelets, necklaces, earrings and scarves, you want to wear them! Let me tell you, it can also be fun to simplify as I did with this Veronica Beard dress…..found it (on sale) at Viola Lovely in Concord, a small European boutique with other locations in Boston and Wenham….the top of the dress is two layered, kind of Grecian inspired, the bottom is very fitted and plain…..020 Simple hoop earrings, my wedding ring, and Ginger’s Rolex were the extent of what I wore for jewelry….a very small classic Louis Vuitton shoulder bag and that was it….well, except for the shoes!

Roberta Festa shoes
Roberta Festa shoes

This dress called for a great shoe, and these are! Found at the Tannery in Harvard Square, they are sexy, they will go with so many things (including jeans!), and yes, they are super comfortable! (And I have wide feet)…..016 Here is a peek at the back of the dress…..notice there is no need to match anything to the silver zipper, the gold two tone shoes made a statement of their own…….. For makeup I did not go for the natural look…..unless I am wearing a color near my face, then there must be color on my lips!

A final comment on the minimalist look:  wearing it actually gave me an extra boost of confidence and a sense of power……it felt great!  I may try this again……… about you?

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