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Peter in John Varvatos jacket, Hugo Boss shirt, Varvatos trousers
Peter in John Varvatos jacket, Hugo Boss shirt, Varvatos trousers

My guess is that most of you reading are females, right? Do you have a spouse or a significant other that could use some wardrobe guidance? There is always hope – and he will likely appreciate the help….For the man (of any age) that works in the business casual world:  Do you want to navigate the workday with style, authority, and comfort?  Bet it wouldn’t hurt to get a few admiring glances at lunch either??        Here are a few simple pointers that will make a huge difference:

  1. Fit and tailoring are of utmost importance! If you are slender, look for slim cut shirts; if you are larger, you will need a roomier style, but probably will need alterations elsewhere.  Jacket sleeves should not extend below your wrist!  Nothing worse than baggy pants!!  Do you have a reliable tailor?  Everyone must have one!
  2. Wear a sport jacket or a lightweight cardigan.  (No need for a tie, and a tie alone is not a cool look)  Yup, even when it’s hot.  Adds instant polish and sophistication…..Yeah, you can remove it in the office, but don’t you want to leave it on for that important meeting???
  3. Find interesting shirts.  If you absolutely refuse to wear the jacket or sweater, be sure your shirt has an interesting pattern or detail to collar or cuffs……plain shirt without jacket = boring.
  4. Ditch the white crewneck undershirt, even when temperatures drop.  Can you say mama’s boy?  If you want a layered look, choose a colored tee shirt; otherwise buy a microfiber V-neck so it is a no-show.
  5. Details add character.  Shoes, belt, socks…..There are so many stylish shoes if you take the time to shop; ditch the square toe shoes – they say you are stuck in the 70’s; look for tapered toes with buckles, stitching, hardware…..have fun with socks – no need to match your pants or shoes, let them pop with an interesting pattern/color.

    Unlined linen blazer, very slim fit....from Nordstroms
    Unlined linen blazer, very slim fit….from Nordstroms


Perfect sleeve length, 1/2 inch cuff exposed
Perfect sleeve length, 1/2 inch cuff exposed
Extra slim fit Hugo Boss shirt
Extra slim fit Hugo Boss shirt

Peter bought this shirt and the pants both at The Rack in Burlington – he says “The Rack is my Revolve.”…..Haha, very funny…, The Rack is not a consignment store, it is just a place he gets great bargains – about $50 for a shirt that would cost $125 at Nordstroms……

The bottom line:  nothing good comes easy.  Having a great work wardrobe will take time.  It will mean spending money.  It will mean getting rid of many things in your closet that are out of style.  I think it’s well worth it.  Do you???039

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