MAZ Emergency!

“Maz” means ‘hair’ in Armenian, and growing up, was one of the random Armenian words we interspersed in day to day English…….”Nice maz!”, “Bad maz weather!”, or “I’m having a maz emergency!”, meaning having a bad hair day……well, looks like I have had a slow developing ’emergency’ for months now…..started with bold highlights, then added more and more blonde, while at the same time letting my hair grow longer… was fun for awhile, but one recent day I looked in the mirror and thought: “What the hell have I done???  This is not me.”  Haha…..funny thing is, Ginger did the same thing when she was around my age, then ultimately toned her blonde back to a more suitable color.

It was still fun to try – and I needed to figure it out for myself that it was not a good look on me.  Funny story:  went for a pedicure couple of weeks ago after having been away from the salon for months…..I could see the manicurists looking at me, trying not to be obvious…..finally, one of them said, “Candy, you don’t look like yourself” to which I replied, gesturing to my hair, “Yeah, I went blonde – I hate it – going back to brown.”    Without missing a beat, they all replied:  “I hate it too!” “Me too!” “I don’t like!”   HILARIOUS.  Absolutely hilarious.  Thank you ladies – and thank you Shelley and Hayley for letting me figure it out on my own.  And thank you JayDee (my hairdresser) for your patience with me and for my new (or old?) look! So much better…..

new hair

Like my MAZ?????

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  • Love your new hair color, so natural looking!!!l Loving the blog too, fun to read:). Stay safe & warm!!

    • Thanks Amy! Can’t wait to do a post on the blue ruffled shorts….You are a great asset to the shop, always helpful.

  • Thank God! You are so pretty as a brunette and much more exotic then you were as a blonde. No more anchor woman hair. Not only did you take years off you ended up with an adorable hair cut. Brava Brava!

  • You look beautiful no matrer what you choose for a hair color. Made the gignerbred cake was deliciousl. Looking forward to the next subject.

  • candy, you are gorgeous no matter the color! Your glow of loving life brings out a beauty no hair color can diminish!!! Love the blog it’s though!!!


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