Red Hot

Sometimes it makes sense to splurge. While my closet holds many pieces from Revolve Consignment Boutiques, there are no consignment finds in this post.  This would be the time to speak about ‘investment’ pieces, items that you purchase that are “expensive”, but that have long term value.  Instead of the limited value of a fancy dress/shoe that you might wear to a wedding, you wear an investment piece regularly and therefore it has a LOW ‘cost per wear’.  You can actually do a simple calculation:  figure out how many times per year you are likely to wear a piece and multiply it by the number of years you are likely to have it for (hopefully at least five years).  Now take the cost and divide it by that number.  Pretty reasonable, right?   If you are a business woman that needs to make a serious impression, one black blazer will never do. Having a variety of styles (cropped, long, unconstructed, fitted, etc) gives you more options as you pair the jacket with bottoms of various styles.  When I tried this Smythe blazer on in SoleAmour in Winchester, I knew it would be a wise purchase.  It is a lightweight wool blend, perfect for three season wear.  Impeccable tailoring and fit me ‘to a t’ (though I had to have the cuffs shortened).  

Now what about these red hot pants? My mid-life obsession with red continues…

Trousers are by Alice and Olivia, found recently at Cusp in Chestnut Hill…ever since enjoying the wide legged linen pants by this label I knew I wanted more…they are a light synthetic blend…super comfortable, flattering in the hips, and make a petite gal look tall.  The blouse is by Pink, and the floppy bow has it’s own story

With a wide legged pant my preference is at least a three inch heel; these metallics from SoleAmour were just right. (You must take the right shoe with you when you have the pants hemmed!)

Off to the office, but ready for anything!   Serious. Classic. Classy. Red hot. 😉

When was the last time you bought an ‘investment’ piece?  Are you glad you did? 


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  • Love every piece of your outfit. I adore red, but don’t have a lot of red clothing. I do however, have many pairs of red shoes. My last splurge was probably a new handbag. I’ve had it for about 3 months, but haven’t carried it yet.


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