The Pink Silk Skirt

Browsing through the racks in my favorite consignment shop, I find a pale pink silk Ralph Lauren skirt, original tags still attached – purple label.  So incredibly soft, so feminine, cotton candy delicious.  What would I wear this with?  I did not know but was not going to pass up this treasure.  One thing I did know is that it would not be saved for special occasions, it was going to be part of my daily wardrobe.

Pink and gray are a nice color combo, so that was a good start.  A deep charcoal turtleneck (Theory) instantly dressed down the pink silk.  The booties gave the skirt an ‘edginess’ – too delicate a shoe would have looked dated and not ideal for a business look.

The skirt has a panel of flat pleats in the front with a slit on one side…it moves so beautifully that you never want to take a seat! ;-)

With such a soft, feminine skirt, this wool leopard blazer was a nice balance.  It is one of the many leopard pieces in my closet – which leads me to this:   If you haven’t noticed, animal prints have exploded this fall!  They are literally in all stores, at all price points.  While I am clearly a fan, there are some downfalls to this rampant abundance: seeing it on everyone diminishes ‘standout style’.  Right?  What’s a gal to do?  You have three options:  1 – Wear your animal prints in a creative way, with unexpected colors and accessories.  2 – Put away your animal prints for a few months, wait until the trend passes.  3 – Take the attitude of, who cares if everyone is wearing it, that doesn’t bother me!(My choice is #1)

The combination of leopard with blush pink silk is certainly creative, right?

With such fabulous pieces there was no need to go crazy with creative accessories, instead, let the jacket and skirt be the focus.  In the same manner, I went for a softer blush and lip color…

One final tidbit of info before closing:  when I said “cotton candy delicious”, it was to convey the level of luxury of this fabric which is generally the case in Ralph’s purple label.  To illustrate further:

Oh happy day!

Regarding the animal print abundance, which option are you going choose?

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  • Love the entire outfit, especially the shoes. My choice for how to deal with an overabundance of animal print is number 3. I have a few crew neck cashmere sweaters, a trench coat, and many, many pairs of shoes. Wearing a piece of animal print makes me happy. The pink silk skirt though, what a find!!


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