Wolford Head to Toe

Here is a unique outfit combining four great pieces, all from Wolford, one of my favorite brands…let’s start at the top!  The red microfiber short sleeved tee  – form fitting – in a flattering shade of red…found at Revolve…Yay!  Finding Wolford items in a consignment shop is not something you see everyday, so when you see things in your size, scoop them up!   The black ‘tunic’ is actually called a ‘multi-function scarf’, bought a few years ago in their Chestnut Hill shop.  It can be worn with nothing underneath, or layered over other pieces…

I kept this card that came with it so I wouldn’t forget the various ways it could be styled…

Wearing it this way is comfortable, and adding a belt keeps it in place…as the day went on I actually pulled up the right side of the tunic a bit more to show a peek of the red sleeve…it evolved as the day went on!

The skirt is faux leather, machine washable, pull-on style, super comfortable. You can style this conservatively for work, then go sexy at night…it is one of their staple pieces, extremely versatile.

And the fourth Wolford piece – the plaid tights! Yes, they cost more than your average tights, but they last for years, and they are sooo comfortable. Worth every penny.

JANE POST Raincoat

A fun outfit only deserves to be topped with a fun coat! Especially since it was a rainy day…

The bottom line:

  • Wolford pieces are meant to be form fitting.  You can mix in more relaxed, loose fitting pieces or go ‘body-con’ all the way!
  • You need not be model thin to wear body-con styles.  I have seen plenty of plus size gals wear these styles and they look great.
  • Wolford is pricey.  Splurge occasionally on items you will wear to death (tights, this skirt), then always keep your eyes open for Wolford in consignment shops.  Look what I recently found at Revolve…

    ‘Skyscraper’ tights by Wolford – only $29!
  • Don’t miss Wolford’s bi-annual sale – many items get marked down significantly!  Woohoo!

Any other Wolford fans out there?

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