Santa Bring Me Barbie!

Barbie in one of my favorite outfits!
Barbie in one of my favorite outfits!

Without a doubt, Barbie was my favorite toy as a young girl….not baby dolls, not Skipper, not Ken – just Barbie – and I had many! Whether to play with in my room or to take my Barbie suitcase outdoors, it was an activity that would occupy me for hours – dressing her in different outfits and pretending where she would go, what adventures she would have…..Barbie sometimes gets a bad rap because she is not seen as a good role model for young girls…I beg to differ…

5 Things I love About Barbie:
1 – Her wardrobe! So many chic outfits, well-tailored suits, glamorous evening wear, always dressed appropriately for the occasion, always has the right accessories.
REAL LIFE: Clothes do matter! Whether in a work situation or personal life, what you wear sends a message, dressing well can have a positive impact on your life.
2 – Her makeup! Permanent eyeliner, shadow and lipstick – perfectly applied and never smudges – lucky gal!
REAL LIFE: For the vast majority of women, makeup can make a huge difference in improving your appearance. Whether you like a made up or a natural look, it is a skill well worth learning.
3 – Her delicate feet! Back in the 1960’s, her feet were always arched and ready for high heels, never a flip flop, never a clog….
REAL LIFE: We all know that shoes can make or break an outfit. Wearing a heel is clearly more flattering than a flat, but with the reality of blisters and bunions, it does take effort (and patience) to find the right balance and best shoe for your foot.
4 – Porn star body! Yes, it is unrealistically proportioned, but, oh, those perky breasts, no nipples poking through….those perfect long legs that go on forever….
REAL LIFE: Without a doubt, you will look better (and be healthier) if you stay in shape – at any age. Having a toned, slim body requires a deliberate effort on a regular basis to watch what you eat and to exercise. Portion control a huge factor.
5 – She can be or do anything! Doctor Barbie, teacher Barbie, skydiver, tennis player, business woman – you name it – no limits!
REAL LIFE: Regardless of your personal circumstances, if you are determined and hard working, the world offers many options to women that were not available in the past….

My favorite black and beige combo!
My favorite black and beige combo!
I want this beret!!!
I want this beret!!!
So chic and timeless...
So chic and timeless…

Looking at these old Barbie dolls and her clothes brings back so many memories… is interesting that the ones I have shown above are very much like what style and glamour I admire today …..wish I had saved them! What about you??? Did you have Barbie dolls?

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  • I did not have that many Barbies but I had a TON of clothes. My mom made me so many Barbie clothes. She also made me two life size dolls – those were my favorite Christmas present ever.


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