The White Suit

It’s not the first time that I have posted about this Banana Republic suit, but it’s really worth a second look…especially for spring and summer, wearing all white portrays an instant ‘wow’ factor and may even uplift your mood!

My favorite way to wear a white suit is monochromatically, sticking to tones of beige/cream from head to toe…it’s striking, it’s sophisticated, and it can go anywhere!

This top by Susana Monaco also goes anywhere…it’s a great wardrobe basic, reasonably priced, and comes in many colors…

And while this Louis Vuitton shawl/scarf also comes in many colors, I am a sucker for classics and neutrals…choosing this rich golden brown over a bright ‘pop of color’…

The Bottom Line:

  • For a business professional or a lady who lunches, there’s nothing as polished as a white suit.
  • Wear a white suit year round.
  • No need to always have a ‘pop of color’. Wearing head to toe neutrals is super chic!
  • Other styling ideas: wear a white suit with a black turtleneck, or a navy button-up shirt.
  • Choose a mid-heel, high heel, or a high wedge, especially with a flared leg.
  • Worried that white gets dirty? In certain lines of work, you may be right! But for general office work, it’s not been a problem for me – the added advantage is that this particular suit is machine washable.

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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