Use Your Good Stuff

mixed selection of glasses
mixed selection of glasses

As the holidays and parties are fast approaching, we are all planning our meals, stocking up the liquor cabinet, and dashing to the party store for plastic serving ware…..hmmmm, or not? Disposable ware is easier, easier is good……they make attractive heavyweight high quality cups and dishes, but there is really nothing as elegant as beautiful china, silver, and crystal. Don’t you enjoy a cocktail more when it is in a beautiful glass? As I was debating this decision for an upcoming gathering, my daughter said “If you don’t use it for times this this, why have it? What’s the point?” Bingo! (Ginger’s granddaughter of course)…..No plastic this year! Of course if you have a very large crowd that may change the decision, but if you have enough “good stuff” for your guests, use it, enjoy it!

The two glasses on the left belonged to my grandmother – according to stories I heard she always entertained with attention to color and detail on a very limited budget….the red champagne glass was a gift from a friend, and the goblet on the right was from my mother….using a variety of shapes and sizes is actually more visually interesting than all the same. So if one breaks and you don’t have a full set, so what!! This is life – enjoy your things!…..this subject actually reminds me of the old TV show “Everyone Loves Raymond” – the episode where the sons were giving the mother a hard time about having to sit on plastic on the sofa (sofa reserved for guests only)……very funny and many families lived that way!

Now off to polish the silver…..

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